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Tranquility Spa & Salon


"Touch of Tranquility"

Tranquility Spa & Salon

would like to offer your company a

FREE chair massage

event for your staff at your facility!

Here's what we do:

  • We provide licensed massage therapists to give 10 minute chair massages
  • We can also provide 10-minute heated hand massages
  • We can do all the scheduling
  • We do all the set-up

Here's what we need from you:

  • Select a date
  • Tell us how many employees will be participating
  • Provide a private room or area for the chair massages
  • Send an email or memo to your employees with our contact information
  • so they can schedule their 10-minute appointments directly with us

Why are we making you this FREE offer?

  • To introduce ourselves to your staff
  • To promote our new spa facility
  • To distribute our spa menus to those receiving chair massage and
  • Make a special discounted Gift Certificate offer to your staff

If you are interested in providing your staff with FREE chair massages,

please call us at 903.893.7772 or email us at [email protected] • 2108 Post Oak Crossing • Sherman TX 75092